We have built strong and long-lasting professional relationships with a comprehensive client base, providing extensive expert advice to services to specialist lenders, banks, private individuals, investors, funds and developers. Our RICS Registered commercial Valuers offer a wide range of single and portfolio valuations, market appraisals and consultancy services across multiple commercial property types.

Our industrial real estate Valuers cover all of London, its Home Counties, Birmingham, Bristol and South East England, focusing on property inspections, due diligence and market enquiries. Clients engage us for expert advice on loan security, taxation, financial statement appraisals and development viability. We pride ourselves on offering an independent valuation service based on robust and transparent processes that satisfy compliance requirements and ensure quick decision-making.

1 Individual shops
2 Multi-unit parades
3 Mixed-use schemes
4 Portfolios
5 Investment/Owner occupied property
6 Out-of-town units
7 Change of use opportunities
8 Developments/refurbishment projects
1 Standalone suites
2 Office blocks
3 Mixed-use schemes
4 Multiple units/portfolios
5 Change of use projects
6 Developments/refurbishment opportunities
7 Investment/Owner occupied property
1 Individual units
2 Business parks
3 Distribution/Storage property
4 Development sites/opportunities
5 Change of use schemes
6 Mixed commercial projects
7 Developments/refurbishment opportunities
8 Investment/Owner occupied property

Why do you need strategy consulting?

Strategy consulting provides an unbiased and clear perspective for the strategic problem to be solved whilst making sure the client’s objectives and vision are aligned with the strategic recommendation.

What problems do strategy consultants typically solve?

Strategic consultants aim to solve a wide array of problems related to organizational structure and designs, processes & systems, entry into new markets, diagnosis of various underlying issues in the business (profitability analysis), product mix and developments, supply chain, potential investment opportunities and many more with a clear objective of finding the answers to questions set by the management to make effective decisions.

What are the types of advisory services?

There are various types of advisory services that are provided by ValuStrat which include Transaction Advisory Services, Strategic Advisory Services, Financial Advisory Services, Management Advisory Services, Risk Assessment & Governance Framework, Real Estate Advisory Services, and Technology Advisory Services.

What do business advisory firms do?

Business advisory firms provide bespoke business consulting services with a focus on market development and strategy, business model & financial planning, startup support, transaction advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and divestments, technological advancements and implementations, organizational restructuring, design, and human capital.

How is the scope of a business strategy advisory determined?

The scope of the work is determined in close discussion with the client, keeping in mind the perceived outcome from the project that defines the nature of work required and the relevant expertise from the project team to be deployed.

Talk to us about Commercial Real Estate Valuations. We pride ourselves in providing bespoke service to every client.